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and god said, “let chris pine be a prince”

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this is what happened right

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part 2/?

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isn’t this the opening line of the power rangers

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What's the reason you don't like 50 shades?
allonsyimpala allonsyimpala Said:


horrible aggressive misogyny and the romanticization of domestic violence and sexual torture aren’t some of my favorite things and young girls picking up that book or watching that movie being left wondering if that’s what relationships are supposed to be REALLY makes me angry. 

this man takes a young woman who is less powerful, less experienced and not entirely confident about the area of life he’s leading her into and then starts doing horrible sexual things to her, he removes her boundaries and normalizes the violence against her

50 shades of grey reinforces and perpetuates the disgusting lie that women LIKE and WANT to be hurt and that you can heal a broken man if you just love him enough and do all the things he wants you to do bc eventually he won’t want to hurt you anymore 

he goes from a sexually violent predator to prince charming and it’s gross and offensive and nobody should support it no matter how cute the guy playing him is. 


My friend showed me this site where you have 45 seconds to draw a pokemon but sometimes it takes like 20 seconds for the reference image to load in and let me tell you my artistic abilities have never shone brighter.

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intercourse more like yes of course

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this is so foul

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Comic-Con’s first ever geek couture fashion show was UNREAL. Our favorite? This LOKI dress.

I love that Loki but OMG THE IRON THRONE DRESS.

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