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This is why I ship Careese. After watching Lady Killer, I realize why Carter is the best match for John. We have Zoe, with her sexy Zanotti shoes and pink Taser and letting John walk her home because she represents the damsel in distress, the woman that any man wants to protect and care for, and Reese does that because that’s how he sees her. He likes to be protective of her. He drinks champagne with Zoe and gets hotel rooms and asks her to be his wife because she suits that part. She suits the idea of what a proper woman should be, fragile and sweet, and he likes that. I can even be bothered to say that he likes the feel of her in bed as well, which is the total opposite of what he feels towards Shaw. With Shaw, lord knows that woman does not need to be rescued or protected and nobody knows that more than John. He sees her as an equal, as a proper fighter that can take care of herself. She’s a colleague and a friend. She’s hardcore all on her own and he likes that. He likes that there is a female that can be so much like him and chug a few beers and not give a damn. Now, I’m not saying Zoe can’t kick ass if prompted to or that Shaw can’t be sweet and girly if need be, but that’s not who they are inherently. Carter on the other hand, she is both. She has both the kick ass and damsel in distress portions to her equally. She can be vulnerable, she can need his protection, need him to save her son or she can be scared once in a while if a creepy creeper is after her. However, she can also be the one doing the protecting and saving him, and on more than one occasion, she has. She is the type of woman who can recognize Zanotti’s and gush over a gun she’s been wanting for forever. She can rock a dress and be a mother and be everything a proper lady should be, but she can also save the day, pull out the big guns and kick major bootie. John knows Carter does not need to be reminded to carry protection, and when he asked her it’s because he was legitimately surprised that she wouldn’t be. He knows her. He knows that she is smart enough and tough enough and gentle enough and perfect enough. To me, Jocelyn Carter has everything John Reese looks for in a woman, and that is why she is, and will forever be, a girl after his own heart. 

So so sorry for such a freaking ramble and I promise this is not me hating on other pairings, just expressing how I feel about my own. 

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