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My sister and I play a variation of Yellow Car in which we call any and all yellow vehicles. She beat me today when we passed both a school bus parking lot and a lot filled with forklifts. I think it’s time to go back to regular Yellow Car rules.

yeah so i feel pretty today…

i just told my mom i have only 8 weeks to catch up with Supernatural. she laughed at me and made a snark remark about my priorities. my first world problems are never ending.

i can’t wait till i’m tumblr famous and my text posts matter

i don’t even go to school anymore but i just can’t fucking stop laughing at this gif…

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Do you ever look at the smut you’ve written and wonder what’s wrong with you?

I am a Mexican living in America wishing to be British. 

i have a little over 10000 posts and i’ve only been actively using my tumblr since march. that’s about 2000 posts a month… and i don’t even have that many followers… 

so yeah i forgot to mention i was at the Dallas BTR concert. Best fucking summer night of my life. 


i have a ridiculous obsession with movie scores

me too. Avengers and Stark Trek 2009 kill me